Tänze A - E

Tänze Counts/Walls Musiktitel PDF-Datei
1000 Years 32-4 A Love Rorth Waiting For  
A Big Love 32-4 Big Big Love  
Adalida C32 Adalida  
Af En Af AB-2 Af En Af  
After The Storm 32-2 Calm After The Storm  
Aiko, Aiko 32-2 Aiko, Aiko  
Ain`t Going Down 48-2 Ain`t Going Down  
Alabama Boy 32-4 Alabama Boy  
Alcohol 32-4 Put Some Alcohol On It  
Alfie 32-4 What Shell We Do With The Drunken Sailor
All Right On Sunday C32 Expert For Monday  
Alligator Rock 48-4 See You Later Alligator  
Anything For Love 56-2 Anything For Love hier klicken
Applejack 32-4 Apple Jack  
At The Hop 48-4 At The Hop  
Atomik Polka 64-4 Turbo Polka  
Baby Jane 32-4 Baby Jane  
Back In Time 32-4 Bajo La Luna  
Bandito`s Last Ride 32-4 Bandito`s Last Ride  
Bare Essentials 64-4 Bare Essentials  
Beer For My Horses 40-4 Who`s Your Daddy  
Best Part Of The Day Is The Night 64-4 The Best Part Of The Day  
Better Times 32-4 Better Time Is Comin  
Black Coffee 48-4 Black Coffee  
Black Pearl 24/32-4 The Black Pearl  
Blue Rodeo 32-2 On My Radio  
Blue Train C20-4 Blue Train  
Boot` Scootin` Boogie 24-4 Boot Scootin` Boogie  
Bored 32-4 Bored To Death hier klicken
Bosa Nova 64-4 Blame It on The Bossa Nova  
Bread And Butter 32-4 Shortenin` Bread  
Buck Wild Stomp P32 That`s How They Do It In Dixie  
Bullshit P32 Cotton Eye Joe  
Cabo San Lucas 32-4 Cabo San Lucas  
Cajun Slap 40-4 Cajun Slap  
Can You See The Satellites P32 Can You See The Satellites  
Canadian Stomp 36-4 Any Man Of Mine  
Cannibal Stomp 72-2 Cannibals  
Cash Back 32-4 I Walk The Line  
Celtic Connection 32-2 Cotton Eyed Joe  
Celtic Reel 32-4 Celtic Reel  
Chattahoochee 48-4 Chattahoochee  
Cheyenne`s Rock 32-2 It´s Late  
Chica Boom Boom 32-4 Boom Boom Goes Down  
Chill Factor 48-4 Last Night  
Closer 32-4 Closer  
Coastin 40-4 I´m Tell Me Ma  
Copperhead Road 20-4 Copperhead Road  
Country Friends Party Dance 32-4 Lousisians South  
Country Roads 32-4 Country Roads  
Country Two Step 40-4 Mum Second To None  
Country Walkin 32-4 Old Pop In An Oak  
Cowboy Cha Cha 20-4 I Just Wanne Dance  
Cowboy Charleston 16-4 Sold  
Cowgirl`s Twist 32-4 What The Cowgirl Do  
Crazy Foot Mambo 32-2 If You Wanne Be Happy  
Cruisin 32-1 Still Cruisin  
D.H.S.S. 32-4 A World Of Blue hier klicken
Disappearing Tail Lights 32-4 Disappearing Tail Lights  
Dizzy 32-4 Dizzy  
Down On The Bayou 34-4 Down To The Bayou  
Dueling Dancers 32-1 Dueling Dancers  
Electric Slide 18-4 Achy Breaky Heart  


Tänze F - J

Tänze Counts/Walls Musiktitel PDF.Datei
Fall In Love 32-4 Fall In Love  
Family And Friends 34-4 Family And Friends  
Fireflies 32-4 Firefly  
Fisher`s Hornpipe 32-4 Fisher`s Hornpipe  
Flip, Flop & Fly 32-4 Flip, Flop & Fly  
Flobie Slide 32-2 I´m Holdin` On To Love  
Flying Scotsman 32-4 Voices Of The Highländs  
Friends For Ten 32-4 A Friend In Need  
Galway Girls 31-2 Galway Girls  
Ghost Train (Sirtaki) 32-4 Ghost Train (poppig)  
Going Back West 32-2 Going Back West  
Golden Wedding Ring 32-4 Golden Ring hier klicken
Good Time Girls 32-4 Good Time Girls  
Gypsy Queen 32-4 Gypsy Queen  
Happy, Happy, Happy 32-2 Soggy Bottom Summer hier klicken
Hearts And Flowers 32-4 Hearts And Flowers  
Hillbilly Girl 34-4 Hillbilly Girl  
Hillibilly Rock Hillibilly Roll 28-4 Hillibilly Rock Hillibilly Roll  
Home On The Range 32-2 I´m At Home On The Range  
Homeward Bound 64-4 Take Me Home  
Honky Tonk Stomp 32-2 The Devils Right Hand  
Hooked On Country 32-4 Hooked On Country  
Huckle Buck 32-4 The Huckle Buck  
I Don`t Need A Man 32-4 The Way She`s Looking  
I4C Fun Push C48 Tall, Tall, Trees  
Ice Breaker 32-4 South Of Santa Fee  
Irish Stew 32-4 Whiskey In The Jar  
Jacob`s Ladder 48-4 Jacob`s Ladder  
Jailhouse Creole 32-4 Jailhaus Rock King Creole  
Jambalaya 32-4 Jambalaya  
Joana 32-4 Come Early Morning  
Just A Memory 64-2 Memories Are Made Of This  

Tänze K - O




Musik                                   PDF-Datei
Lonely Drum 32 - 4 Lonely Drum Hier klicken
Mountains To The Sea 64 - 2 Mountains To The Sea Hier klicken
Overseas 32 - 4  Baby, Don`t You Know  Hier klicken

Tänze P - S




Musik                                   PDF-Datei
Sofia De Marc 64 - 2 Sofia Hier klicken
 Story 32 - 4  Story  Hier klicken

Tänze T - Z




Musik                                   PDF-Datei
Tender Hearts Paar Tender Heart Hier klicken
Western Barn Dance 


Whose Bed Have Your Boots Hier klicken
While I Was Making Love To You                      

36 - 4


While I Was Making Love To You            Hier klicken

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